Pompeii Artistic Landscape Project (PALP)

P-LOD Spatial Item



P-LOD Spatial Item


Any P-LOD item with generally fixed location. It is preferred practice to give an item a more specific type, though this class can be useful when the identity of an item is known but there is no more specific class defined.




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Title Description Image P-in-P Link
Public Arch A public arch.
City Gate A city gate of Pompeii.
Doorway A public door of a building at Pompeii. One that faces on to a street and has been given an address.
Insula An insula, or city block, of the modern archaeological site of Pompeii.
Street A street at Pompeii. There are two subclasses, "Major Street" and "Minor Street". Best practice is to use one of the subclasses.
Necropolis A necropolis situated outside a city gate at Pompeii. The division and naming of these areas is a modern practice.
Property A property at Pompeii as identified by the P-LOD by evaluating reports of archaeological work.
Region A region, 'regio' in Italian, at Pompeii as defined by the modern excavations.
Room A room in a property/building.
Tomb A tomb.
Wall Face
Wall Painting A wall painting.
City A large and complex settlement.
Inner door A door between two rooms.
City Wall A city wall, as in defensive circuit, at Pompeii. In the short term there is only one instance of this class.
Exterior Wall Face Wall face on the outside of a building.