Pompeii Artistic Landscape Project (PALP)

P-LOD Item



P-LOD Item


The root class of P-LOD Omeka S items.


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Title Description Image P-in-P Link
P-LOD Spatial Item Any P-LOD item with generally fixed location. It is preferred practice to give an item a more specific type, though this class can be useful when the identity of an item is known but there is no more specific class defined.
Coin A coin.
Statue A sculpture in the form of a person or animal.
Press Press for extracting juice from grapes or oil from olives.
Pompeian Wall-Painting Style Any one of the four Pompeian styles of wall painting.
Visual Motif An individual element of an artwork that represents a concept, such as a person (whether or not identifiable), scene, or object. This is the class of all of related motifs that are put into a hierarchy using a p-lod:broader-concept property.
Mosaic An artistic representation formed from patterns of small cut or natural stones.