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Visual Motif



Visual Motif


An individual element of an artwork that represents a concept, such as a person (whether or not identifiable), scene, or object. This is the class of all of related motifs that are put into a hierarchy using a p-lod:broader-concept property.




Links to this item by 'type'
Title Description Image P-in-P Link
Aeneas (Visual Motif) Trojan noble who fled to Italy.
Romulus (Visual Motif) Founder of Rome. Twin brother of Remus.
Anchises (Visual Motif) Prince of Troy. Father of Aeneas.
The god Mercury (Visual Motif) Roman god of commerce, of messengers, and of thieves and tricksters.
Ascanius (Visual Motif) Son of Aeneas.
Bacchus (Visual Motif) Roman god of wine.
Jupiter (Visual Motif) The chief god of the Roman pantheon.
The Goddess Cybele (Visual Motif) Goddess with Anatolian origin.
Seven Days of the Week (Visual Motif) A group of images showing personifications of the seven celestial bodies associated with the days of the week. Should be reserved for relatively unambiguous situations.
Perseus (Visual Motif) The Greek hero Perseus.
Andromeda (Visual Motif) Andromeda, an Aethiopian princess.
Livia (Visual Motif) The Empress Livia, married to Augustus.